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Innovation For Success is designed to help organisations become more innovative in business, product or service development.

Innovation DocumentThe Innovation for Success consortium was established in 2008 and has worked together collaboratively on a range of assignments since. Each member continues to develop their own specialism in line with and in anticipation of, the changing demands of industry and the economy.  Each member maintains and contributes to professional development, and in some cases academic thinking, in their particular area of expertise, on a national and increasingly international basis.  Individually we are acknowledged as leading experts in our specific areas of innovation; together we provide a unique and powerful resource to clients.


4c Design - Product Design Engineering Consultancy

4c Design have been providing a very high level design service to industry in the UK and overseas for over 10 years, assisting with market research, feasibility studies, visualizing products, prototyping and preparing products for mass production.  The key to successful new product development is to understand the problem which is being addressed and the market which is being targeted.  The process which 4c Design employs has been used across many industries including Consumer ProductsLife Sciences, Defence, Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energy and Offshore.  During the workshops 4c will discuss how to introduce design and innovation culture into any business and how to engage with designers.  It is important also to highlight common mistakes and how innovators can potentially avoid these.

4c Design comprises a core staff of eight with a number of regular specialist sub-contractors to draw upon.  The company is also c-located and collaborates closely with a naval architecture company, skilled machinist, model maker, and a photographer and graphics designer, any and all of whom are often employed to as projects unfold, to provide an unrivalled breadth and range of specialist skills to apply to an innovation challenge.

As well as undertaking a key role in overseeing our overall approach, 4c Design will deliver expertise related to product and service design and realisation.

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Ideality Logo

Ideality focuses upon making ideas actually happen for companies.  Innovation, especially the ‘fuzzy front end’, is often viewed as being risky and unpredictable, in contradiction to the understanding that innovation is essential to sustain and grow all organisations.  Management needs systematic innovation processes and skills, as other business functions have formal processes and skills.

Ideality provides a systematic approach to the management of innovation through its unique, proprietary, products, embedding repeatable processes and skills, such as our ACTOR® technique, as essential elements in the successful business management ‘mix’.  We call our approach – ‘Systematic Innovation ManagementTM (SIM)’.

SIM has been developed through working with companies both in the UK and overseas in recognition of the issues facing management teams in embedding innovation into the corporate culture.  SIM is interactive, allowing teams to remove the ‘fuzziness’ around innovation without disrupting day-to-day business operations.  Thus companies can establish innovation as a systematic, inclusive, and repeatable ‘normal’ business process, providing clarity, removing uncertainty and reducing commercial risks.

As well as undertaking a key role in overseeing our overall approach, Ideality will deliver expertise related to creative thinking and commercialisation of the innovation.

Rothko Logo

Rothko is a leading Business Growth Management consultancy based in Glasgow, engage around the world and have specialist Business Model Innovation, Culture Change and Leadership Management experience. Driven by lean agile entrepreneurial thinking, and grounded by real life business experience, Rothko engage at the heart of organisations to educate on innovation as well as to generate social and/or economic value.  Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organisation. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organisations, and secure lasting results.

As well as undertaking a key role in overseeing our overall approach, Rothko Business Model Innovation Ltd. will deliver expertise related to business model selection.

Metis Partners Logo

Metis Partners are business analysts and specialists in the assessment, exploitation, monetisation and sale of intellectual property assets (“IP assets”). IP assets can make up in excess of 80% of the value of the business, but are often ignored, hardly ever on the balance sheet and are therefore unlikely to be leveraged. This hitherto ignored asset class includes unique processes, internally generated software, R&D and innovation, know-how, patents, trade marks and brands. Using our established methodology (or Metisology™), these are all assets which Metis Partners have valued; sold; used as security for borrowing or investment; helped companies recognise revenue streams that can be linked to them; and helped companies develop competitive advantage using them.

Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in open innovation, and it is easy to see why.  Whether it’s the demand or supply side, the benefits of open innovation are clear; accessing a wider pool of ideas / inventions can result in a dramatic increase in the ability to generate new products and services, utilising a wider range of funding mechanisms and ultimately lead to a competitive advantage for those involved.

Metis Partners have an established track record in negotiating and structuring commercialisation deals. Furthermore, Metis Partners have been offering advice various aspects of open innovation including, drafting innovation and commercialisation offers and seeking out commercialisation partners using open innovation networks and other analysis.

Potential workshop topics may include “Protecting IP going into collaborations and commercialisation opportunities”; “Valuing your IP offers or ideas for commercialisation” and “Open Innovation – the good, the bad and the ugly”.

Supporting Companies

SNOOK LogoSnook are Scotland’s award winning service design agency. They are a small, Scottish company making big waves in a very new field. They use unique techniques drawn from design and creativity to design new products and services.

They bring a track record of imagining better approaches, empowering individuals, transforming organisational culture, saving public authorities’ money and implementing sustainable products and services.

Their clients span across the private, public and third sector ranging from The Scottish Government, NHS, Edinburgh Festivals to Stirling Council.

At the heart of their work is the idea of finding transformative insights, by harnessing the simple, practical experiences of real people. Service Design is an engaging and creative process with powerful results. They specialise in taking an idea from the back of a napkin to a prototype that can be tested with real people. They have delivered work like this across the globe for clients such as The British Council and The Common Wealth Games.

Snook’s service design success stories have led to them accepting invitations to share their methodologies with governments and academics all over the globe from Beijing to Austria, Taiwan and Australia. As fellows of Google, Snook are turning their ideas for how digital is changing consumer behaviour through their own products like MyPolice and The Matter. As Service Design Innovation Advisors for The Cultural Enterprise Office clients they have strong experience of what innovation looks like on the ground for someone with an idea.

As well as undertaking a key role in overseeing our overall approach, Snook will deliver service design expertise. Snook’s input will focus on bringing tools, confidence, experience and knowledge on how to understand customer needs and how to turn this into profitable and unforgettable experiences.

Indez LogoINDEZ produces high-growth, high conversion e-commerce businesses, capable of dominating niche areas and selling profitably into global markets.  A recent success for Indez is their design of the GoCompare website which recently valued the company at £450mn.

Indez specialise in web-analytics and has developed a three-phase filter system for automatically reviewing the feasibility of potential e-business proposals with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.  The architecture therefore exists to adopt the principles behind this web structure for incorporation into the new web service.

Indez’s client list includes:

  • GoCompare
  • Moray Seapfoods
  • Barclays Bank
  • bertie browns
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Zebec Energy
  • AE7
  • Alex Shanks
  • Gretna Green
  • Dales Cycles
  • Bohemia Design
  • Direct Office Supplies
  • Bellezo
  • Tool Shop
  • Jenier