leap point

Leap Point LogoLeap Point ProcessThe name Leap Point TM signifies the decision making point in an individual’s mind when they decide to take their idea off the drawing board (or napkin sketch!) and go and speak to somebody about it. Our customer is at the start of their journey, they are indicating a willingness to become an entrepreneur and our service intends to educate, guide, signpost and provide one to one advice to ensure they can capitalise on their idea. We understand that every individual’s background is different and their awareness of the design and commercialisation process will depend on their background. Our service is centred on making an individual more aware on how product development works, educating them to become risk aware rather than risk adverse.

Leap PointThe modern inventor can be in working in digital/service integration platforms as well as more traditional product or mechanical innovation.

SkillsetOnce you are engaged in the website and their data captured the service will aim to provide information and  guide users around 5 key elements:-

  1. Assessing your idea
  2. Protecting your idea
  3. Developing your idea
  4. Selling your idea
  5. Funding your idea

The principle will be to introduce them to the commercial and entrepreneurial requirements that are needed to become a successful commercial enterprise.Once ‘captured and filtered’ and firmly on SE’s radar we will move our customers through the service as indicated in the diagram on the next page.