Services - Brainstorming WorkshopThe tools and techniques we use are drawn from best practise in innovation from around the world and delivered by leading UK practitioners. Our workshops lead you through the Innovation for Success Wheel, to take you through each stage of the product development journey:

  • Discover - interact with real people and customers first hand to confirm the problem being solved is actually a problem
  • Define your offering - research the market to confirm who the customer is and how your product/service will meet their needs
  • Develop - use good design methodology to take the technology, the strategy and the user into account when designing and developing prototypes
  • Protect - ensure that your tangible and intangible assets are legally protected
  • Exploit - realise the potential of your product/service through careful management of sales channels and options for commercialisation

We offer a range of half-day and full day workshops as follows:

  1. Business Model Innovation: how to innovate across your business model to increase sales and profitability
  2. Creativity: techniques and tools to channel the creative process for more effective idea generation and development
  3. User-Centred Product Design: creating useful, usable and desirable products
  4. Sustainable Design: develop products and services in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable ways
  5. Market Positioning: developing a strategy to maximise the position of your product service in terms of your customer needs and not just differentiation from competitor offerings
  6. Innovation Through Use of ICT: using the capability of ICT and software to support business innovation and enhance your relationships with customers and clients
  7. Product/Service Life Extension: how to build service life improvements into your design, production, sales and maintenance cycles
  8. Project management for Innovation: tools and techniques to manage scope definition, build efficient project systems, handle planning issues and risk assessment
  9. Funding Innovation: internal and external funding routes – tips and tricks
  10. IP exploitation: recognising what IP you have and how you can exploit it to generate new revenue stream or to develop strategies that differentiates you business from competitors